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Alfredo Calvo, Ph.D.

Alfredo Calvo, Ph.D.

Director of Public Health

Dr. Ayaviri is the Director of Public Health of United4Change Center. He holds a Ph.D. in Epidemiology Johns Hopkins University, USA) and a Master’s Degree in human development and social policies. (Universidad Andina Simón), master’s degree in public health, UMSA and residence in international health, PAHO/WHO Washington DC. He has extensive national and international experience, both published in Bolivia and in the Inter-American system and United Nations (PAHO/WHO) in South and Central American countries in the development of systems and health services, with specificity in planning and hospital management, expert in the processes that take place from the moments of (i) analysis of situation of health ASIS, (ii) the planning, Organization, management and control of health systems including the dimensions of public policy, and (iii) the development of studies of supply and demand, sizing of capacity installed, functional health programming and design of hospitals and other establishments and/or services of health as well as the elaboration of studies and livelihoods of viability (policy) and feasibility (technical and economic) of non-refundable technical cooperation and investment projects in health projects.

Dr. Ayaviri is currently President Bolivian Society of Public Health, Scientific Association in public health research and education, non-profit nonprofit that advises volunteer to governmental, non-governmental entities and the Academy (three efforts since 2006). His extensive professional experience include (i) Director of national hospitals and (ii) Director national of services of health. Further, he served as (i) Advisor of the Office of planning and (ii) Advisor to the Deputy Director of OPS (World Health Organizations – Regional Headquarters Office of PAHO in Washington, DC. USA).

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