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Social Impact Leadership Program

The cause of advancing human and societal development demands ever-increasing scale and impact. The U4C Social Impact Leadership Program is designed for practitioners and young professionals in the fields of business, social entrepreneurship, global development, and philanthropy.  A SIL program is for those who

  • want to become effective philanthropists
  • gain hands-on experience in the design and implementation of social impact projects;
  • develop skills and abilities needed to become effective social impact leaders;
  • are seeking knowledge of best practices to create impactful solutions to social issues;
  • are looking for individual coaching/mentorship

The SIL program curriculum involves best practices from innovators from within the field.  U4C is agnostic as to the form of one’s philanthropy (e.g., individual, collaborative, civic vs. corporate, traditional institutional philanthropic entity, or nonprofit vs. for profit), but we believe the approach to social change is essential to the outcomes possible.  U4C’s SIL program involves experts and examples of high impact social programs.  We are committed to bringing experts and emerging social entrepreneurs together for a powerful learning, networking, and hands-on experience.

As an SIL graduate, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills needed to develop effective social change strategies, to build resources through collaboration, and to leverage the ingenuity, creativity, and resolve of beneficiaries.  U4C’s SIL graduates will be exposed to a network of people who are genuinely interested in addressing some of the most serious challenges to humanity.

The program includes practical workshops and the opportunity to be involved in new or ongoing social impact projects.  These opportunities will allow participants to develop their abilities needed to become an effective social impact leader such as accountability, moral imagination, problem resolution, resilience, and self-reflection.

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