sustainable PROGRAMS

Our programs are focused on women aimed to create sustainable positive change.

U4C’s Programs

U4C’s programs are informed by and are consistent with the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), a set of intergovernmental aspirations with 169 targets covering a broad range of sustainable development issues. All our projects are strategically connected to achieve sustainable change in the communities that we are working with.

Together with the communities, we create opportunities by offering a comprehensive set of programs: literacy & leadership training, knowledge on how to access/utilize healthcare resources, develop micro-enterprises including access to seed capital and entrepreneurial support. These efforts have demonstrated the importance of working with and building the capacity of local education and health providers.

To significantly expand impact while avoiding costly redundancies in overlapping jurisdictions and/or services, U4C employs evidence-informed, innovative, and comprehensive strategies through highly efficient collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations.


U4C works with women at-risk so they can help themselves and those around them. They learn how to read and write with customized curriculum and textbooks, based on their needs and culture. U4C works with local educators to develop the curriculum.





More than 60% of fatalities in vulnerable communities occur due to the lack of information. U4C designs campaigns and workshops on how to access/utilize scarce healthcare resources and legal and environmental rights.  Our priorities have been Maternal-Child Health, HIV and Domestic Violence. 


People in isolated communities do not have access to skills training.  U4C designs the courses based on their needs, native culture and potential economic diversification.  U4C has found that creating supportive environments for women to thrive economically, which results in sustainable positive changes for their entire communities.  


When sufficiently literate, women can be equipped with leadership skills so they can play an active role in their communities. U4C creates a platform that enables women to rise and fulfill their abilities and talents. They learn how to lead or become better leaders and achieve active participation.


U4C believes that the key to sustainability is to work with local healthcare providers, educators, legal and public authorities and create training opportunities for them.


Entrepreneurship: The U4C Entrepreneurship Program focuses on training women in different skills and entrepreneurial education so they can start and manage their own micro-enterprises. They are generating products which are sold both locally and internationally. U4C provides entrepreneurial training and supports leaders for the creation of their own micro-enterprises.  U4C’s goal is to help them diversify their economies.