United4Change Center

Promoting Social Justice and Peace

Through collaborative partnerships we empower marginalized groups, creating conditions for self-directed, dignified, and sustainable human existence.


All people are worthwhile, significant, and deserving of healthy, peaceful and productive lives. However, many people around the world are marginalized and excluded from such fundamental rights. These vulnerable groups are usually located in isolated and fragile communities, where access to essential resources, institutional support, economic opportunity, and conditions for sustainable peace seem out of reach. Too often, this results in violence, strife, perpetual conflict, oppression, and extreme poverty. 


Women, girls and youth are equipped with leadership and soft skills through which they can transform their lives, as well as that of their families and communities in sustainable ways.

Providing opportunities to develop high quality basic education /  literacy skills with customized curriculum and textbooks, based on their local needs & culture.

Food Security & Environmental Sustainability

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Vulnerable populations are provided with maternal – child health campaigns, HIV prevention while addressing inequities in health outcomes and healthcare services.
Technical and entrepreneurship training programs for women and youth groups, creating networks & providing an online fair-trade platform to market their products.
Responding to pressing emergencies during the global pandemic, war and refugees’ crises, providing a platform to alleviate hunger, essential and medical supplies.
Delivering training on peace, project design and implementation in furtherance of peaceful conditions that can be locally facilitated, implemented and sustained.
Working with Quaker Bolivia Link(QBL) to provide indigenous communities in the Altiplano, Bolivia with access to safe water systems & design sanitation training.


Enjoy The U4C Resilience Series by María Julia Moreyra, sharing stories of real-life resilience in the face of serious threats to humanity. The question is what does resilience mean for you?


Example of Resilience

Example of Resilience

An Example of Resilience Resilience seems best experienced in the reciprocal nature of serving and being nurtured by others. The resolve, capacity, and encouragement needed to overcome challenges and/or to thrive do not arise out of isolation. We are only adequate in...

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Pintando de verde la ciudad del folklore

Pintando de verde la ciudad del folklore

Equipo Corazones Verdes de Oruro, PIP Bolivia Con la intención de reverdecer Oruro y los integrantes del proyecto Corazones Verdes, plantaron arbolitos en el sector de villa Challacollo. La mañana del Sábado 23 de abril, fecha escogida en conmemoración al día de la...

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Inspiring Leaders in Kisumu, Kenya

Inspiring Leaders in Kisumu, Kenya

U4C has tirelessly worked in many places around the world where humanity has suffered greatly. We are concerned about the well-being of all people, but especially about the traumatic circumstances confronting women and girls in extreme poverty. Women and girls are...

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