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Alvaro Carrasco, B.A.

Project Management Committee


Alvaro Carrasco is an entrepreneur and brings in-depth experience as managing director, director of operations, and director of global services at Medical Bridges, an international nonprofit serving the healthcare needs of underserved communities worldwide. Alvaro’s contributions to Medical Bridges, an international nonprofit organization, enabled the charity to bridge the healthcare gap worldwide by procuring and distributing medical equipment and supplies to underserved communities.

Alvaro has experience serving nonprofit organizations such as the Foundation del Niño Quemado FNQ (Foundation for Burned Children) bringing children from Bolivia to Houston for critical healthcare services.

His expertise in governance/management, domestic business development, logistics, operations, and supply chain is critical to U4C programs requiring the delivery of life saving and life affirming products and services to the marginalized communities we support. Alvaro is a Native of Bolivia and currently lives in Houston, Texas.