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Bob Reid, Ph.D.

Bob Reid, Ph.D.


Dr. Reid is a practitioner in private philanthropy. Dr. Reid’s research interests have included private philanthropic practice and human behavior in organizations, resulting in new insights with implications for both practitioners and policymakers. In his executive leadership roles in philanthropy and business, he has developed innovative interventions in organizational leadership, healthcare, behavioral health, human services and public education. For the past couple of decades, Dr. Reid managed a private foundation focused on education reform, community and economic development, social services, and programs aimed at enhancing quality of life for area residents on a regional basis. Previously, he had a successful career in turning around underperforming healthcare institutions and managing a network of hospitals including both acute care and behavioral health facilities.

Dr. Reid has several years of experience in designing innovative behavioral health interventions for at-risk populations, with a particular focus on people suffering long-term, structural dislocation. Dr. Reid has earned several degrees including a Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University, OPM certification from the Harvard Business School, an MBA from Santa Clara University, and a BA degree from the University of Redlands. He presently lives in Hobbs, New Mexico and has served on many national, regional, and local boards/committees focused on public policy, effective philanthropy, healthcare delivery, education reform, and drug addiction/alcoholism-related prevention and treatment. Dr. Reid has also served on several corporate boards and as an advisor to an award-winning global nonprofit organization.