Happy Anniversary U4C!!

By U4C Team

United4Change Center was launched 8 years ago out of a commitment to social justice and peace. Today, we want to acknowledge, with love and gratitude, all the wonderful people who have supported and worked with us throughout the years. Because of our supporters, we have been able to impact and transform the lives of hundreds of women in fragile communities.  Now the future for so many of the women with whom we have worked is bright with opportunity and newfound dignity. We have lifted the prospects and hopefulness of women in South America and East Africa – in communities abandoned by outside sources of assistance. We want to honor your support with continued resolve in advancing our mission even further, building upon the established track record of genuine accomplishment you have made possible.

Like so many others, the COVID-19 pandemic has both complicated and caused a greater need for our work.  The communities in which we work have nowhere else to turn.  More than ever, they are counting on us to help them meet critical emerging needs while developing effective strategies for sustainable communities in which women and children can thrive.  We do not intend to let them or our supporters down.  So, we have multiple projects underway addressing health-related challenges, empowering women, establishing safe water and sanitation systems, and advancing youth leadership in peacebuilding.  Thank you for making this possible – we cannot do this important work without you!



Honoring Our Beloved Advisor and Supporter

Honoring Our Beloved Advisor and Supporter

Honoring Our Beloved AdvisorBy U4C Team After two and a half decades of committed service in his role as CEO, Bob Reid has stepped down from the JF Maddox Foundation.  For the past 10 years, he has also volunteered and served as an advisor for an international global...

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