Great Impact in Honor of Poonam R. Kumar 

By U4C Team

The Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education Alumni established a COVID-19 Fund honor Poonam R. Kumar, a beloved friend HBS alum, with the goal of responding to urgent needs related to the pandemic, specifically in Ecuador and Bolivia where infection rates are devastatingly high.

The spread of COVID-19 is much greater than has been reported in these countries, and their resource constraints are life-threatening. HBS alum Tomislav Topic (Ecuador), Rodrigo Campuzano (Bolivia) are working in close coordination with the Health Ministries of each country, and alum Bob Reid (USA) is joining them in providing oversight for the fund.

We are thrilled to announce that $36,222.17 has been raised to respond to this crisis.  The funds will impact many lives in Bolivia and Ecuador.  In Bolivia, the funds will support the work of healthcare professionals with “Hero Solidarity Kits” which will include essential Personal Protective Equipment.  They will be distributed by alum Rodrigo Campuzano.  In Ecuador, the funds will provide test kits that will be distributed by the Red Cross in  coordination with alum Tomislav Topic.

These efforts will safe many lives in places where support is needed the most!

Congratulations OPM 35!!

Total Funds in US$ as of 04/30/2020


I’m Vicenta

I’m Vicenta

Hello, I'm Vicenta Alumni - U4C Empowerment Program I am a 39 year old widow and now a single mother of 3 children.  Having lost my husband in a work-related accident, I am now responsible to provide for my children and father.  Life is difficult in my community and...

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