our approach

Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration.
Our approach is holistic, committed, creative and collaborative.


U4C’s projects focus on 4 critically important pillars: education, information, training & peace building.


We are committed to working with vulnerable, fragile communities and populations.


We work with women/youth to design projects based on their communities’ needs, reality & culture.


U4C partners and collaborates with its stakeholders and other entities.


We rigorously monitor and evaluate the impact and outcomes of the initiatives we advance. Uncompromising quantitative and qualitative evaluation of our programs serves to enhance both our overall experience in community development and in the creation and implementation of specific programs.

No single individual or entity possesses all of the knowledge needed to lift communities and individuals out of extreme poverty. While we have come a long way in gaining the knowledge essential to empowering vulnerable communities, we continue to challenge both our partners and ourselves through continuous assessment.