Honoring Our Beloved Advisor and Supporter

Oct 26, 2020

After two and a half decades of committed service in his role as CEO, Bob Reid has stepped down from the JF Maddox Foundation.  For the past 10 years, he has also volunteered and served as an advisor for an international global development organization based in Houston, United4Change Center (U4C). With his typical zeal for helping others, Bob volunteered tirelessly in support of U4C’s mission to serve some of the most marginalized people around the world, including making many trips to South America and East Africa.  Bob was captivated by U4C’s efforts to promote social justice and advance peace by empowering women & youth in extreme poverty such that they emerged as agents of positive change in their own communities.  Bob not only contributed countless hours and traveled with us at his own expense, but he has also been one of U4C’s most generous donors.

We are determined to recognize Bob for the true humanitarian he is by raising contributions in his honor through a special fund at U4C.  This fund will be used to further what Bob values most – lifting people out of extreme poverty and inspiring human dignity through different projects around the world.  We believe this is the best way to honor this extraordinary man. Coincidentally, Bob had already pledged to personally match contributions to U4C through the end of this year.  So, all contributions to this fund in Bob’s honor will automatically be doubled.


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