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Josefina Vera Vda. De Murillo, BA

Director of Education Programs


Josefina serves as Director of Education Programs for U4C.  She is a pedagogue and recognized the author, businesswoman, and motivator.  As an accomplished educator, she has transformed and impacted the lives of many people not only in Bolivia but also in the United States.  As a professional educator, Josefina authored books such as “Niño y Adolescente: Educación y Guía Integral”; “Orientación Profesional: Cuales son Tus Aptitudes”; “Pre-Matrimonial: Formación de Parejas para el Futuro”; “Ser Vientral: Madre en Gustación” “Nino y Adolescente: Education y Guia Integral.”

Josefina is the author of “Hacia mi Porvenir” that includes a methodology for teaching literacy skills to children and adults in rural areas of Bolivia. Her methodology was employed in teaching Latino communities in Virginia and New Mexico.  Josefina received recognition from the Catholic Church St. Anthony in Washington DC and St. Elena in New Mexico for her work teaching reading and writing (in Spanish) to young and adults.