I am a 39 year old widow and now a single mother of 3 children.  Having lost my husband in a work-related accident, I am now responsible to provide for my children and father.  Life is difficult in my community and women like me had to drop out of school to help our families in overcoming their many challenges.  I only have a seventh grade education, but have learned to read and write through classes provided by U4C.  Although one of my boys works as a mechanic, the other two are still in school. My oldest boy is a junior in college and my daughters are in middle school.  U4C also helped me to access healthcare for my family and to develop a microenterprise.  The new microenterprise is already providing some income.  I have been working in the village of Caracoles as a bricklayer’s assistant. My income is very low, but at least I have something to eat and can pay for my medical check ups.  The doctor said I have liver problems, anemia and high blood pressure. Still, I am very grateful for the education and entrepreneurship program provided by U4C.  It makes me happy to learn.  Although it has been difficult, I am learning again how to read and write. I feel more confident I will be able to earn more money through the new microenterprise and even find a better job in the mines.

Life hasn’t been easy for Vicenta.  Her dire circumstances resulted in sending her children to live with relatives in La Paz City.  She hopes to reunite her family soon.  Her new health concerns have added to what has already been a difficult existence.  She is very grateful for the literacy and entrepreneurship programs offered by U4C and has been a faithful and consistent participant.

Today, Vicenta is part of a new microenterprise in Caracoles that she jointly owns with other women who also participate in U4C programs.  She one of the first graduates of the entrepreneurship training program and has demonstrated much initiative in launching her new microenterprise.  She hopes to one day open her own business and to make enough money to support her family.  Her great ambition is to reunite her family and to provide more adequately for them.  She works tirelessly toward this goal.  Vicenta doesn’t want others to do this for her, she only wants the opportunity to work for the benefit of those she loves.

Vicenta has become a role model and inspiration for the team and so many women.



by U4C Team, Partners and Guests

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