U4C in Bolivia

A country of extremes, landlocked Bolivia is the highest and most isolated country in South America. U4C has been working in several mining communities in Quime Municipality, La Paz

About Bolivia

Bolivia is a lower-middle-income country, but one of the poorest in South America, with a population of about 10.027.254 (Census 2012) and a GDP of $ 27.04 billion (2012 estimate); nearly 36 percent of its population of 10.6 million (2013) are aged 0 to 14 years and one third live in rural areas.

The country has a multi-ethnic society and 62 percent of the population self-identify as indigenous people. Bolivia ranks 108th out of 186 countries in the Human Development Index and 97th out of 186 countries on the Gender Inequality Index. Bolivia has suffered economically from its landlocked position and its political and social instability. These issues haven’t allowed sustainable economic growth to be achieved.

International Partners

Rotary International
Rotary District, New Mexico
Rotary Club Hobbs, New Mexico
Rotary Club Lovington, New Mexico

National Partners

Unidos Por El Cambio
Rotary District BoliviaInternational
Rotary Club San Jorge La Paz

Community Partners

Association of Women
Quime Mayor Office
Mining Cooperatives
Healthcare Providers – Director
Education Providers – Director
Social Workers / Lawyers