By Daniel Murillo

In April 2023, U4C joined World BEYOND War, Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association and Peace First to launch a Webinar Series: “Reimagining Peace and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean”, with the principal objective to stimulate reflection, debate, and subsequent action to promote a culture of peace across Latin America. This 5-part series allows for co-creating strategies/initiatives intended to elevate the voices and experiences of peacebuilders working and living in the region. The objective is to stimulate reflection, dialogue, and action specific to promoting a culture of peace in Latin America and the Caribbean.

During Webinar 1 and 2, participants were invited to help bring the voices and experiences of peacebuilders from within the region. In Webinar 1: Demilitarizing Security, we delved into the crucial role played by disarmament and the promotion of positive peace in this region, generating sustainable peace processes, and emphasizing the invaluable role played by women and indigenous communities. In Webinar 2: Managing Conflict without Violence, we explore the transformative power of civil society in promoting nonviolent actions and the consequential impact on the development of peace and security across Latin America. Moreover, we analyzed the opportunities and challenges non-governmental organizations and civil society faced in their efforts to consolidate peace in the 21st century.

We sought your presence again in Webinar 3, where we will discuss fundamental strategies for creating a culture of peace in our region, examining the challenges in education and the pivotal role of youth in achieving the global peace agenda. The upcoming webinar on Creating a Culture of Peace will contextualize the webinar’s focus within broader peace and security debates before discussing practical strategies the UN uses to work towards a culture of peace in the region. This will be followed by an exploration of the pivotal role of young people in advancing the global peace agenda.

Webinars 4 and 5 will transition from education to action, inviting participants to develop and implement peace projects led by young peacebuilders in their own localities. We are eager to hear your perspectives on the issues we face and share as a region and your contributions to promoting sustainable integration and peacemaking processes. Aspiring and emerging peace and development students join established peacebuilders in taking up the difficult challenge of moving beyond learning about the study of peace and security to engaging in its practical applications by supporting the development and implementation of peace projects in their communities.

We hope you will join us for the 3 remaining webinars of the series, which promise to be both inspiring and insightful in equal measure.

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