our work

U4C works alongside vulnerable groups to strengthen their resilience by engaging our partners in highly collaborative ways

We work side-by-side with beneficiary communities and individuals and partner organizations in strengthening local resilience and capacities in ways that are sustainable and that affirm and dignify those we serve.

While we have developed many highly both effective and sustainable. Our work is guided by local conditions, cultures, and concerns. It has become abundantly clear that meaningful change is best realized when beneficiaries are fully engaged in respectful ways and when they experience ownership of the initiatives we seek to support.

People have a fundamental right to determine their vision and destiny. We are also guided by relevant evidence within the literature and from the practice of others and valuable input from partner organizations.

Women, girls & youth Empowerment

Women, girls and youth are equipped with leadership and soft skills through which they can transform their lives, as well as that of their families and communities in sustainable ways.

Literacy & Access to Education

Providing the opportunity to develop basic education and literacy skills (with customized curriculum and textbooks,
based on their needs and local culture).

Access to Healthcare & Disease Prevention

More than 60% of fatalities in vulnerable communities occur due to the lack of information. U4C designs campaigns and workshops on how to access/utilize scarce healthcare resources. Our priorities include Maternal-Child Health, HIV, Domestic Violence, and social determinants of health that so often underlie inequities in health and well- being.

Trainning & Economic Development

U4C designs the courses based local needs, native culture and potential for community – specific economic diversification. U4C has found that creating supportive environments for women to thrive economically results in sustainable positive changes for their entire communities. The U4C Entrepreneurship Program focuses on training groups, especially women in different skills and entrepreneurial education so they can start and manage their own microenterprises. Participants are generating products which are sold both locally and internationally.

Sustainable Peace & Peacebuilding

Our work focus on peace education and peacebuilding initiatives understanding that conditions for sustainable peace are far more than the mere absence of conflict. If the underlying causes of conflict are not sufficiently addressed and remediated, conflict will recur. The primary goal of peace-building is to establish positive, sustainable conditions that encourage peace in societies once beleaguered by any form of violence.

Water & Sanitation

Water4All QBL: U4C commits itself to continuation of the legacy of service of the Quaker Bolivia Link (QBL) in the U.S., U.K., and Bolivia. U4C has enjoyed its close partnership with QBL in achieving access to safe water and good sanitation for isolated communities in the impoverished Altiplano Region of Bolivia. Our shared work is enabling indigenous communities to survive and thrive, enhancing public health, economic productivity, and preservation of local culture.

Food Security & Environmental Sustainability

U4C is committed to work in addressing the challenges of achieving environmental sustainability and food security in fragile communities and groups that have been facing physical, economic and socio-political challenges due to climate change, limit food production and/or access.

Humanitarian Emergency Response

U4C offers its platform to respond to pressing emergency conditions such as hunger and lack of essential supplies among fragile groups, during a Pandemic like COVID-19 and/or a refugee crisis. Our efforts are targeted at tactical relief efforts, as well as addressing systemic underlying causes. U4C also provides resources, information and support to our field partners as well as to the communities we work with.

How We Do It

By building strong strategic partnerships and collaboration with the community and stakeholders, more lives are impacted.

Our Projects

U4C’s projects are guided by the Global Goals (SDGs) and they are strategically connected to achieve sustainable change.

U4C New Initiatives

U4C has evolved into a mission to provide a platform for social impact leaders and peace builders.