Who We are

We are innovative social entrepreneurs who believe all human beings are worthwhile, significant, and deserving of healthy, happy, peaceful and productive lives.


United we promote social justice and peace through collaborative partnerships that empower marginalized groups, creating conditions for self-directed, dignified, and sustainable existence. In genuine partnership with community leaders and the beneficiaries of our initiatives, we seek to create conditions that build and strengthen the resilience of marginalized groups in fragile communities. U4C applies Christian principles for the benefit of people of all faith.



Our fight for social justice has been a journey. It started with an especially meaningful visit to Bolivia, our country of origin, where we were exposed to incredibly tragic living conditions in a remote mining town called Caracoles, approximately 7 hours outside of metropolitan La Paz City. While in Caracoles, we met many women who were born and raised to work in very dangerous and devastatingly cold mining projects. One woman, in particular, stood out.  Her name was Luisa and she represented hundreds of other women waiting to greet us. Most of the women Luisa represented had lost their husbands in underground mining accidents, a tragedy far too common for most miners.

Our fight for social justice has been a journey, which has transformed the lives of many.

Respect, tolerance, humility, compassion, integrity and faith have guided our work.


Respect and Trust

U4C respects the dignity and capability of all people. Accordingly, we embrace a community-centered approach, engaging the people and communities we work with as full partners. Respecting local cultures and leadership while seeking to effect sustainable positive change is both complex and difficult. 



U4C builds strong partnerships with local communities, like-minded organizations, local NGO’s and social enterprises.  They share a common vision and fundamental values. They are fighters for social justice and peacebuilders. 

U4C’s board, staff, and advisors share a common vision and fundamental values.


our vision

Innovative Projects

Our projects are strategically integrated to create meaningful and sustainable change.

who we serve

Strong Partnerships

U4C builds strong partnerships with local communities, like-minded organizations & other enterprises.

who we serve

Unique Approach

Comprehensive approaches to enhance access to healthcare, education & economic opportunity.

“U4C is one of the most remarkable nonprofits I have ever known.  Its approach to addressing incredibly difficult and complex challenges to humanity, cultural awareness and respectfulness, innovative creativity, and rock solid leadership, make U4C stand out as a very special organization. U4C is genuinely making a positive difference in conditions and locations too few are willing to take on!”

Bob Reid, Ph.D.  Chief Executive Officer  |  JF Maddox Foundation