United4Change Center

Promoting Social Justice and Peace

Through collaborative partnerships we empower marginalized groups, creating conditions for self-directed, dignified, and sustainable human existence.


All people are worthwhile, significant, and deserving of healthy, peaceful and productive lives. However, many people around the world are marginalized and excluded from such fundamental rights. These vulnerable groups are usually located in isolated and fragile communities, where access to essential resources, institutional support, economic opportunity, and conditions for sustainable peace seem out of reach. Too often, this results in violence, strife, perpetual conflict, oppression, and extreme poverty. 


Enjoy The U4C Resilience Series by María Julia Moreyra, sharing stories of real-life resilience in the face of serious threats to humanity. The question is what does resilience mean for you?


Honoring Our Beloved Advisor and Supporter

Honoring Our Beloved AdvisorBy U4C Team After two and a half decades of committed service in his role as CEO, Bob Reid has stepped down from the JF Maddox Foundation.  For the past 10 years, he has also volunteered and served as an advisor for an international global...

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“AMPARA Initiative”

"AMPARA Initiative"  By María Antonia Pérez Caring for Each Other “Ampara” means “Hand” in Aymara, one of many indigenous languages spoken in Bolivia.  I learned that word and about the Aymaran culture while working with Quaker Bolivia Link (QBL) and United4Change...

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