Our values

Respect, tolerance, humility, compassion, integrity and faith have guided our work.

Respect and Trust

U4C respects the dignity and capability of all people.  Accordingly, we embrace a community-centered approach, engaging the people and communities we work with as full partners.  Respecting local cultures and leadership while seeking to effect sustainable positive change is both complex and difficult.  However, such an approach promises potential for greater and more sustainability impact through empowering the people and communities we serve.

Integrity and Accountability

U4C is accountable to all its stakeholders – the communities that we work with, constituents, donors, board, staff, volunteers, collaborators, and partners. This reflects an alignment between what we say, what we do, and how we do it.


U4C is loyal and committed to collaborating in ways that are genuinely effective for the people and communities we serve. Our view is that global development organizations, the business sector, academia and other entities, need to collaborate openly, honestly, and effectively.


U4C believes that sustainability is achieved by empowering the people we serve. We do not impose external remedies on the communities we work with. Rather, we utilize our comprehensive approach to inspire and support the development of local solutions thereby bringing about effective and lasting change.