By Ximena Murillo

I’m excited to announce my involvement in an important article featured in the Foundation Review Journal, titled “Philanthropy’s Uneasy Journey Into Mental Health Grantmaking,” alongside distinguished co-authors Mallet R. Reid and Robert J. Reid of Edge Philanthropy, and Anna Bobb of Vreds Philanthropy. This article dives deep into philanthropy’s evolving role in confronting the escalating crisis of mental health and addiction in the US, spotlighting the forward-thinking strategies grantmakers are implementing to navigate these intricate issues.

Drawing on insights from 17 highly experienced behavioral health grantmakers, we delve into the firsthand experiences and hurdles foundations face in this sector. The narrative outlines how these entities embarked on funding behavioral health initiatives, the challenges and prospects they met along the way, and the invaluable advice they offer to those new to this critical field.

More than a reflection, this piece is a rallying cry for deeper, more collaborative engagement in mental health philanthropy. It underscores the pivotal position philanthropy holds in fostering innovation and expanding services for individuals grappling with mental health issues and their wider communities.

I invite you to delve into this compelling article for a richer perspective on philanthropy’s intricate mental health landscape. Let’s engage in this crucial dialogue and work in unison towards a future where comprehensive mental health support is not just accessible but a fundamental priority.

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