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In the heart of Bolivia’s Altiplano, where the earth meets the sky, in an indigenous village of CoroCoro, a transformative WASH project is underway—one that aligns with the belief that water is not just a resource, but a lifeline. United4Change Center and a Bolivian foundation Quaker Bolivia Link, in partnership with and in support of Rotary International that includes dedicated members of various Rotary Clubs and organizations, are bringing to life a vision where clean water will be accessible, cultivating peace and prosperity along its path.

As we marked World Water Day, our collective consciousness was drawn to the fact that 2.2 billion people worldwide face the threat of water scarcity. This stark reality underscores the profound connection between peace and the basic human right to clean water. Bolivia, with its recent strides in improving water access, illustrates both progress and disparity, especially in its remote rural heartlands, where the challenge is magnified by climate change and its effects. At the core of this movement is the WASH project, a testament to the power of collective action and shared knowledge. “SoyAgua” (I am Water), a character co-created by the U4C team and the community, stands as a inspiration of sustainable practices and resilience, embodying the project’s ethos of social justice and peace.

The impact of this project is far-reaching, promising to touch the lives of hundreds of indigenous residents, imbuing them with hope and the promise of a brighter future. The story of Liliana, a young girl moved to tears upon learning about the forthcoming water tanks, encapsulates the profound human impact of this initiative. Her reaction is a vivid illustration of the tangible hope and change being fostered here.

This project is propelled forward by the unwavering commitment of great leaders such as Livio Zozzoli, the Governor of Rotary International in Bolivia; Víctor Hugo García Meza Carvallo, the President of the Rotary Club La Paz San Jorge; Dr. Bob Reid, a Rotarian and advisor to U4C; and Ximena Murillo, CEO of U4C. Their dedication, along with the support of more than 10 team members and volunteers, exemplifies the strength found in collaboration.

The project has garnered attention and praise from influential voices like Juan Carlos Arana, a renowned journalist in Bolivia, who has highlighted the ripple effect of these efforts. The narrative of “SoyAgua” in the communities of Ninoca Bajo, Calacruzani, and Parcocota transcends a mere project; it represents a pledge to life, dignity, and a peaceful future where water flows abundantly. This story from CoroCoro is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved when individuals unite under a common cause, advocating the right to clean water as a cornerstone of a peaceful and prosperous world.

As we reflect on Earth Day and Earth Month 2024, let us recognize the fundamental role that water and sanitation play in sustaining our planet. Clean water is not just a resource; it is the lifeblood of ecosystems and communities worldwide. Access to safe water and proper sanitation is essential for health, dignity, and prosperity. This Earth Day, let’s commit to protecting and enhancing these vital systems that support all forms of life on Earth. By doing so, we ensure a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.


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